Musicians For Hope

Standing Together With The People Of Our Community

As we go through life, we experience many memorable events. Saturday, April 10 was one of those occasions for Beth Sowden Keene and myself.

On this date, "Musicians for Hope" presented a special concert at the Core Centre to help us raise public awareness regarding the need for organ donations.

For those of you who may not know, Beth requires a liver transplant and I am in need of

A Kidney.

The day was filled with fantastic music by Robert Vance, Samantha O'Dell, Al Murack, Joe Callahan, Tim Hunt, Dan Campbell, Kris Tischbein and Tim Campbell. It's easy to say "thank you" but it is difficult to convey my heartfelt gratitude to this special group of musicians.

I do, however, want to assure them that their thoughtfulness meant far more than words could ever say.

Special thanks to Tim Hunt and Joe Callahan for making this event happen. Their caring attitude along with their words of encouragement and hope were truly a source of joy and inspiration.

Beth and I were also supported by our families and many friends on this occasion and will always remember their love and generosity.

Thanks is just a portion of a deep appreciation to all involved for sharing so much goodness from your hearts. Thanks is really not enough -- but just a start.

"Musicians for Hope" are hosting another concert on May 29 in Market Square called "Rally for Belleville." I know it will be a resounding success and the citizens of Belleville will support their efforts.

Charles Benson Belleville